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Explore the decentralized web with confidence, knowing your funds and data are safe.

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Only you can access your wallet

Suku Wallet is a non-custodial, account abstraction-based, multi-sig wallet. Only you can access and control your digital assets.

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inspired by Web3

Suku Wallet respects your privacy, never tracking personal identifiable information, addresses, or balances. Your data is only yours.

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Dual-layer security,
backed by MFA

The Multi-factor authentication fortifies your wallet's safety, combining passwords and time-sensitive codes for an extra level of security.

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Max safety, powered by Gnosis

Your assets are safeguarded by EIP-4337-compliant smart contracts built on a robust Gnosis multi-sig wallet. This rigorously audited system protects 1.5 million accounts with over $4 billion in value.

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Easy recovery, because sh*t happens

Flexible recovery methods ensure you can always access your funds. Use your social media accounts as a backup or designate others as guardians for unbroken safety and accessibility.

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Suku Wallet is a non-custodial, account abstraction-based, multi-sig wallet*. You are the only one with access to and control over your digital assets. Multi-Factor Authentication secures the wallet, and you can authenticate yourself via social media login.
*Account-abstraction and multi-sig are currently only available in the alpha version.

Your assets are stored in ERC-4337-compliant smart contracts, ensuring secure and user-friendly access. Additionally, Suku Wallet uses well-established, audited, multi-sig smart contracts, currently safeguarding billions of dollars. To bolster your wallet’s protection, we also use MFA (multi-factor authentication), which combines passwords and time-sensitive codes.

Absolutely! Suku Wallet seamlessly connects and interacts with leading decentralized apps, empowering you to explore most Web3 applications.

Suku Wallet supports multiple chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain. This means you can effortlessly interact with most dapps and manage a myriad of cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you can send it to any @handle. When the recipient is ready to access their funds, they can easily log in with their Twitter account. Our protocol allows you to send funds to any Twitter user, and we’re also building a dynamic address resolution protocol that will enable you to select any social media account, including other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as the target of your transactions.