We are Web3 toolmakers with a vision to give every internet user a crypto wallet and a million reasons to keep using it.

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Meet the team

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Alejandro Alvarez
Engineering manager
Pablo Monachese
Lead Product Designer
Santiago Bullrich
Growth Lead
Thomas McLaughlin
Head of Community
Lucas Henning
Yonathan Lapchik
Rafael Fremd
Operations Lead
Alan Bublath
Head of Strategy
Alejo Escrivá
Head of Growth
Matias Vásquez
Senior Graphic Designer
Ilan Cohn
Product Manager
Tomas Holtz
Frontend Engineer


Imagine a world where everyone can make online payments without worrying about borders, collect digital keepsakes, and easily use decentralized apps. That's the world we're working on, and it all starts with Suku Wallet.

Suku Wallet aims to revolutionize Web3 by providing everyday users with the most intuitive and secure platform to manage digital assets. Committed to innovation and simplicity, it eliminates the biggest hurdles to mainstream adoption, paving the way to taking full advantage of Web3 and making it an integral part of everyday life.

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